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Joseph Walter

1783-1856 England/Marine Artist


Brief Biography-Joseph Walter was born in Bristol in 1783, where he spent most of his life; when not residing in nearby Portishead. The works of Willem van de Velde the Elder influenced his paintings. He painted in watercolours and oils. Walter is comparable to Nicholas Pocock, the Bristol marine painter during the same era. His most famous works are of the Great Western and Great Britain steamships.


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West Indiaman

West Indiaman Britannia

The Channel

Shipping in the Bristol Channel

Shipping off Bristol

Shipping off Bristol

The Great Britain

The Great Britain

Bristol Harbour

Bristol Harbour

Two Decker

Two Decker in the English Channel

SS Great Britain

SS Great Britain Leaving Cumberland Basin on her Maiden Voyage

Great Western

Great Western off Portishead

Brig Entering

Brig Entering the Bristol Avon

Warping up the Avon

Warping up the Avon

Exchanging News

Dutch Barge Masters Exchanging News