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Antonio González Velázquez

1723-1793 Spain/Baroque


Brief Biography-Antonio González Velázquez, born in Madrid, was the third son of Pablo Velazquez Gonzalez, the sculptor. He studied in Rome under Corrado Giaquintoon a scholarship from Madrid. The painting of the Anointing of King David and a fresco in the Trinitarian friars of Castile Abbey gained Velázquez high standing. On returning to Spain, he painted murals in the Zaragoza Cathedral and many churches in Madrid. In 1765 he became Director of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando and worked as a court painter at the Royal Palace of Madrid and painted Charles III among his many portraits. In his later years, he worked with Francisco Bayeu y Subias and Anton Raphael Mengs in the Tapestry Factory of Santa Bárbara. He painted primarily religious, mythological, and historical subjects. Two of his sons were also artists.


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exhibit in the
meadows museum

exhibit in the meadows museum

adoration of
the shepherds

adoration of the shepherds

adoration of
the magi

adoration of the magi

apparition of the

apparition of the virgin to saint ferdinand

columbus presents
catholic majesties

columbus presents the catholic majesties to the new world

construction of the
santa capilla

construction of the primitive santa capilla

crucifixion with
saint michael

crucifixion with saint michael

anointing of david
by samuel

anointing of david by samuel

manuela tolosa y
abylio, artist's wife

manuela tolosa y abylio the artist's wife by Antonio González Velázquez

tulia driving her

tulia driving her chariot over her fathers body

self portrait

self portrait

san lorenzo

san lorenzo