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Jean-Baptiste Van Loo

1684- 1745 France/ Baroque


Brief Biography-Jean-Baptiste Van Loo was one of a large family of painters, his grandfather Jacob van Loo being the first of the dynasty. His father, Louis-Abraham, was his initial tutor. He left his hometown of Aix-en-Provence and went to Rome, where Benedetto LutiThe church and nobility engaged his services in Italy in religious subjects and portraiture. In Paris, he became a member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. He worked for a brief period in England, painting portraits of nobility before moving to Paris. His last few years living in Aix-en-Provence were due to ill health. Carle van Loo, his younger brother, was another successful artist in the family.


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apollo and daphne

apollo and daphne

augusta princess
of wales

augusta princess of wales with members of her family

diane's bath

diane's bath

francis godolphin

francis godolphin

john hervey baron
hervey of ickworth

john hervey baron hervey of ickworth

l'education de

l'education de l'amour

louis xv conferring
the order

louis xv conferring the order of the holy spirit on the count de clermont

louis xV dauphin
of france

louis xv dauphin of france

louis XV

louis xv

margaret peg

margaret peg woffington

portrait of princess

portrait of princess amelia

right honorable
stephen poyntz

right honorable stephen poyntz

sieur de carnay
spanish treasurer

sieur de carnay spanish court treasurer

stanislaw i

stanislaw i leszczynski

triumph of

triumph of galatea

william murray first
earl of mansfield

william murray first earl of mansfield