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Juan de Valdés Leal

1622-1690 Spain/Baroque


Brief Biography-Juan de Valdés Leal was a painter, sculptor, and architect born in Seville in 1622. Antonio del Castillo was his master in Córdoba. There, he later worked with Murillo and was influenced by the works of Velázquez. In Seville, he painted the renowned Pictures for La Caridad, the Triumph of the Cross, and the Hieroglyphic of Death. Of the latter work, Antonio Palomino states, it represents a dead Corpse corrupted, and half devour’d with Worms, which gives an Horror and Dread to look at it; besides it is so natural, that many seeing it, inadvertently, have either shrunk back with fear, or stopp’d their Noses, lest they should be infected with the Stench of Corruption.
In 1647, he married the daughter of Antonio Palomino, and in 1660, he co-founded the Seville Academy of Art with Murillo. He died in Seville in 1690.


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of elijah

ascension of elijah

of the virgin

assumption of the virgin

the cross

carrying the cross

coronation of
saint joseph

coronation of saint joseph

end of the
world's glory

end of the world's glory

in the blink
of an eye

in the blink of an eye

head of
a woman

head of a woman



saint jerome

saint jerome

the conversion
and baptism

the conversion and baptism of saint augustine

the sacrifice
of isaac

the sacrifice of isaac


virgin of the immaculate conception