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Alonso Miguel de Tovar

1678-1758 Spain/Baroque


Brief Biography-Alonso Miguel de Tovar (Alfonso de Tobar), a historical painter, was born in Higuera, close to Aracena. In Seville, he studied under an unskilled Juan Antonio Faxardo. However, Tovar practised the art of copying, particularly of Murillo, and achieved excellent skills, finding much success as a portraitist. He married a wealthy widow and acquired work with the inquisition as portraitists were apt for spying because they would be close to their sitters. He moved to Madrid in 1729 and became a painter for Philip V. There is a signed painting by him in the church at Cortelazor, deemed original. One of his most notable works is a retable in the Cathedral of Seville of Virgin bearing in her arms the infant Saviour. Scholars consider his imitations of Murillo’s paintings superior to the images of Pedro Núñez de Villavicencio and Francisco Meneses Osorio.


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divine shepherdess

divine shepherdess