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Santi Di Tito

1536-1602 Italy/Mannerism Classicism


Brief Biography-Santi di Tito was born in Florence in 1536. Scholars stated he studied under Bronzino and Baccio Bandinelli. Before the advent of the Baroque period, he was a painter and architect and painted portraits and mythological scenes but mainly did frescoes and altarpieces. Raphael'sworks strongly influenced him, along with classicism, when working in Rome. In 1564 he entered the Accademia del Disegno in Florence, where members worked under the supervision of Giorgio Vasari, for whom he temporarily returned to the mannerist style first offered by Bronzino. However, he later worked in classicism, which suited his taste. The Uffizi holds some of his portraits, and his religious works are in the churches of Florence. Santi died in Florence in 1603.


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vision of st
thomas aquinas

vision of saint thomas aquinas

the sisters
of phaeton

the sisters of phaeton turned into poplar trees

the holy

the holy family

maria de

maria de medici portrait


the resurrection

of law

allegory of law




christ enters jerusalem

christine of

christine of lorraine

henry IV
of france

henry IV of france

and child

madonna and child with saint john the baptist

madonna with

madonna with child saint giovannino holy bishop and saint bartholomew

pietro de medici
son of Cosimo I

pietro de medici younger son of Cosimo I de medici and eleonora di toledo

portrait of
a girl

portrait of a girl

portrait of
a woman

portrait of a young woman as portia catonis

the passage of
the red sea

the passage of the red sea

tobit and
san sebastian

tobit and san sebastian altar side tables

young maria
de medici

young maria de medici