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Teniers David, the Elder

1582-1649 Belgium/Baroque


Brief Biography-David Teniers, the Elder, born in Antwerp in 1582, was the father and teacher of the more successful painter David Teniers the Younger; many paintings attributed to him are by his son. He was a disciple of Rubens and spent six years in Rome with Adam Elsheimer before settling in Antwerp, where the Guild of Saint Luke admitted him in 1606. His painting subjects described by Reverend Pilkington were fhops or elaboratories of chymifts, converfations, rural feftivities and exercifes. He also painted religious subjects. His works were well received and always in demand; however, art dealing became his principal occupation due to debt problems later in life.


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miracle of
saint paul

miracle of saint paul on the Island of malta[

pan plays the flute
before nymphs

pan plays the flute before nymphs and satyrs

the alchemist

the alchemist

venus visiting
vulcan's forge

venus visiting vulcan's forge