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Conrad von Soest

c. 1370-1422 Germany/Gothic Art


Brief Biography-Conrad von Soest was born in Dortmund in 1370. He became the most renowned painter of Westphalia. The polyptych in Niederwildungen Church is the only work positively signed; however, pieces attributed to him are in Dortmund and Soest. He painted in the Gothic Style established in Northern Italy and France in the fourteenth century.


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Passion Altar
-Left Wing

Passion Altarpiece-Left Wing-Mary Annunciation

Passion Altar-
Altar Wildungen

Passion Altar-Altar Wildungen

Passion Altar
Nativity Detail

Passion Altar-Nativity Detail

Lady Altar
Middle Panel

Lady Altar-Middle Panel Detail

of Virgin Mary

Dormition of Virgin Mary

Marie Age-
Left Panel

Marie Age-Left Panel

of the Magi

Lady Altar-Adoration of the Magi


Lady Altar-Garment Details

The Death
of Mary

The Death of Mary


The Crucifixion