Joshua Reynolds

1723-1792 England/Rococo

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G Townshend

George Townshend


Parody of School of Athens

Colonel Acland-

Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney-The Archers

Charles Coote

Charles Coote First Earl of Bellamont

Com Keppel

Commodore Keppel

Mrs Musters

Mrs Musters as Hebe

Capt Robert Orme

Captain  Robert Orme

G Coussmaker

George Coussmaker Grenadier Guards


C ontinence of Scipio

Nelly O'Brien

Nelly O'Brien

George Clive

George Clive and Family with Indian maid

Lady Sunderlin

Lady Sunderlin


Countess of Dartmouth

Cupid as link boy


King Lear

King Lear

Adorning a Term-

Adorning a Term of Hymen

General Tarleton

General Banastre Tarleton


Garrick Between Tragedy and Comedy

John Parker

John Parker and his sister Theresa


Mercury as Cut Purse


Fourth Duke of Marlborough and Family

Lady Cockburn

Lady Cockburn and Sons

Holding Grapes

Boy Holding a Bunch of Grapes

Venus Chiding

Venus Chiding Cupid

The Brown Boy

Master Thomas Lister The Brown Boy

Master T Lister

Master Thomas Lister

John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist in the Wildernes

Elizabeth Delme

Elizabeth Delme and Children

The Roffey Family

The Roffey Family

Lady Caroline Scot

Lady Caroline Scot

Infant Samuel

The Infant Samuel

Susanna Beckford

Susanna Beckford

Lady Caroline

Lady Caroline Howard

Lord Heathfield

Lord Heathfield

Lord Keppel

Lord Keppel


Commodore the Honourable August Keppel

Lady Smith

Lady Smith and Her Children

lamb children

the lamb children

maria marow gideon

maria marow gideon and her brother william

duke of gloucester

the duke of gloucester as a boy

george greville

portrait of george greville later second earl of warwick

master bunbury

portrait of master bunbury