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Antonio García Reinoso

1623-1677 Spain/Mannerism


Brief Biography-Antonio García Reinoso (Reynoso) was born in the small town of Cabra near Granada in 1623. He was a disciple of Sebastián Martínez of Jaen, whom he emulated in his landscapes and historical scenes. An example of his work was a picture of Saint Susanna bathing for the collector Don Antonio de Ayala in Linares. It caused admiration by onlookers when he placed it in a courtyard to dry, and a sparrow repeatedly flew down to the edge of Susanna’s bathing pond to try and avail of the waters. In the town of Martos, Reinoso executed several public architectural works and, in 1675, moved to Cordova, undertaking public and private commissions. He died there in 1677.


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san fernando in the
conquest of seville

san fernando in the conquest of seville

conception of mary

immaculate conception of mary