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Sebastiano del Piombo

1485-1547 Italy/High Renaissance


Brief Biography-Sebastiano del Piombo was born Sebastiano Luciani, in Venice in 1485. His early education was by his father in the profession of music. He received his early art inspirations from Giorgione, who persuaded him to enter the atelier of Giovanni Bellini; however, later, he went under the wing of Giorgione himself. He initially gained success with portraiture, which was similar in style to his master. The merchant Agostino Chigi of Siena, who traded out of Venice, took him to Rome, where his frescos and history paintings received great praise.
In Rome, his acquaintance with Michelangelo afforded him much credit. That master assisted him in painting the Resurrection of Lazarus in the same church as Raphael’s painting of the Transfiguration. The picture held him in high esteem and was considered equal to Raphael’s work by connoisseurs of the day.
After the death of Raphael, Luciani was the most exceptional artist in Rome. His paintings of Pope Clement VII, the Satirist Pietro Aretino, and the Martyrdom of Saint Agatha, which he painted for the Cardinal of Aragón, were equal to that of works by Raphael, Titian or any other Italian master of the time.
He was one of the first artists to paint frescoes in oil successfully; he famously fell out with Michelangelo over his suggestion to paint the Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel in oil. Clement VII selected him as keeper of the papal seals in 1531. His name, del Piombo, meaning ‘of lead,’ is derived from the lead papal seals. He died in Rome in 1547.


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adoration of the

adoration of the shepherds

anton francesco
degli albizzi

anton francesco degli albizzi

cardinal bandinello

cardinal bandinello sauli

cardinal giovanni

cardinal giovanni salviati

reginald pole

reginald pole

christ carrying
the cross

christ carrying the cross

christ descends
into limbo

christ descends into limbo


christopher columbus

clement vII

clement seven

of herodias

daughter of herodias

of adonis

death of adonis

ferry carondelet and
his secretaries

ferry carondelet and his secretaries

of christ

flagellation of christ

of a woman

head of a woman

holy family with
saint catherine

holy family with saint catherine saint sebastian and a donor

holy family with st
john the baptist

holy family with saint john the baptist and a donor

of christ

lamentation of christ

loggia di

loggia di galatea

madonna with
the veil

madonna with the veil

in armor

man in armor



Pope Clement VII

Pope Clement seven

pope clement vII
on slate

pope clement seven on slate

of a girl

portrait of a girl

of a man

portrait of a man

of a woman

portrait of a woman

portrait of
andrea doria

portrait of andrea doria

of lazarus

raising of lazarus

sacra conversazione

sacra conversazione

saint bartholomew
and saint sebastian

saint bartholomew and saint sebastian

saint louis of

saint louis of toulouse and saint sinobaldus

san giovanni
crisostomo altarpiece

san giovanni crisostomo altarpiece

the judgment of

the judgment of solomon

the visitation

the visitation

after luciani

violinist after luciani

vittoria colonna

vittoria colonna

roman woman

young roman woman

antonio cardinal

antonio cardinal pallavicini

a man

a man