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Lucius Richard O'Brien

1832-1899 Canada/Oil and Watercolour


Brief Biography-Lucius Richard O’Brien was born in his father’s village of Shanty Bay in 1832. He was a renowned landscape artist in oil and watercolour. In 1880, he became President of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. O’Brien was famed for his work on Picturesque Canada with illustrations of the country’s landscapes. The Canadian Pacific Railway commissioned him and other artists to travel west on their railway line to paint the Rocky Mountains as a tourist promotion. While west, he went to Vancouver and ventured to Howe Sound with Chinook guides. The Royal Academy of Arts in London exhibited many of his works from 1887.


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The Rockies in
British Columbia

The Rockies in British Columbia


Oinatchouan Falls

and Industry

Towns and Industry

Quebec from
the Levis Shore

Quebec from the Levis Shore

Sunrise on the

Sunrise on the Saguenay-Cape Trinity

from Barriefield

Kingston-Ontario from Barriefield

Cedars Rapids

Cedars Rapids-Quebec