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Jean-Marc Nattier

1685-1766 France/Rococo


Brief Biography-Jean-Marc Nattier was born in Paris in 1685. His father tutored him before entering the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture and studying at the Luxembourg Gallery of Art. He came to notice with his drawings of paintings by Rubens for Marie de M├ędici. Peter the Great summoned him to Amsterdam, where he painted his portrait and court members, and he painted Empress Catherine in the Hague, which he never finished. With his Battle of Poltava and the Marriage Feast of Phineus, he achieved his election to the Academy. He went through financial difficulty with the schemes of Law in 1720 and turned from history painting to portraiture. Nattier later found success painting ladies of the court of Louis XV in allegorical posture. He died in Paris in 1766.


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Catherine the First

Henrietta of France

Henrietta of France as Flora

Louis V

Louis the Fifteenth

Marie Adelaide

Marie Adelaide of France as Diana


Countess d'Argenson

Countess Tessin

Countess Tessin

C-de Tillieres

Countess de Tilleries

Marie Leszczynska-

Marie Leszczynska-Queen of France-Reading the Bible


Madame Adelaide de France Tying Knots

A Young Woman

A Young Woman

Madame Zefferina

Madame Maria Zefferina


Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson-Marquise de Pompadour


Joseph Bonnier de la Mosson

Madame Henriette

Madame Henriette

Madame Le Fevre

Madame Le Fevre de Caumartin as Hebe

Madame Marsollier

Madame Marsollier and her Daughter


Madame Bouret as Diana

Woman Painter

Portrait of a Young Woman Painter

D-de Chaulnes

The Duchesse de Chaulnes as Hebe

Tsar Peter The First

Tsar Peter The First

Mde Clarmont

Madmoiselle de Clarmont

L Anne de Bourbon

Louise Anne de Bourbon Comtesse de Charolais

Madame Victoire

Madame Victoire

Phillipine Elisabeth

Phillipine Elisabeth Madmoiselle Beaujolais daughter of Francoise Marie