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Viera Lusitano

1699-1783 Portugal/Baroque


Brief Biography-Viera Lusitano, real name Francisco de Matos Viera, was taken to Rome with the Marquis of Abrantes at thirteen. In Rome, he studied under Benedetto Luti and was given several charges by the Marquis during his stay there. When the Marquis departed from Rome, Viera reviewed under Francesco Trevisani. After disagreements with his bride-to-be’s family in Lisbon, he left for Seville, where he worked for King Philip V and later became Court Painter in Lisbon. Lusitano retired from painting on hearing of the death of his bride, whom Lusitano had married secretly, and entered a convent for the remainder of his life. Apart from his religious works for churches, he painted many portraits of nobility.


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apparition of saint
mary of the angels

apparition of saint mary of the angels and jesus christ to saint francis of assisi

ceiling of the mayor's
office in city hall

ceiling of the mayor s office in the city hall

the cardinal from

d jorge da costa the cardinal from alpedrinha

infanta mariana
francisca of portugal

infanta mariana francisca of portugal by Viera Lusitano

infanta maria doroteia
of portugal

infanta maria doroteia of portugal

maria benedita of

maria benedita of braganza infanta of portugal

maria i
of portugal

maria 1 of portugal

peter III
of portugal

peter three of portugal

portrait of
a knight

portrait of a knight

saint augustine

saint augustine

saints candida
and gelasia

saints candida and gelasia