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Laurent de la Hire (de La Hyre)

1606-1656 France/Baroque


Brief Biography-Laurent de la Hire was born in Paris in 1606. His father, Etienne de La Hire, a historical painter, first trained him, followed by Georges Lallemand. The mannerist artist Francesco Primaticcio influenced him along with Orazio Gentileschi. The Capuchin monks commissioned several works from him. He was a founder of the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture and became one of its twelve elders. One of his many famous paintings is Saint Peter Healing the Sick in the Louvre. Laurent’s late paintings were mainly landscapes. He died in Paris in 1556.


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Dance to the
Music of Time

Dance to the Music of Time#

Allegory of

Allegory of Arithmetic

The Kiss of Peace
and Justice

The Kiss of Peace and Justice


Jesus Appearing to the Three Marys

Laban Searching

Laban Searching Jacob-s Bagagge for the Stolen Idols

Allegorical Figure
of Music

Allegorical Figure of Music

Allegory of

Allegory of Regency

Saint Paul

Saint Paul Shipwrecked on Malta

The Adoration of
the Shepherds

The Adoration of the Shepherds

and Aethra

Theseus and Aethra

Alllegory of


Cornelia Refuses
the Crown

Cornelia Refuses the Crown of Ptolomai

Abraham Sacrificing

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac

Cryus Announcing
to Araspas

Cryus Announcing to Araspas that Panthea has Obtained his Pardon

Job Restored
to Prosperity

Job Restored to Prosperity

Figure of

Allegorical Figure of Grammer

The Children of

The Children of Bethel Mourned by their Mothers