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Kano Motonobu

1476-1559 Japan/Kano School


Brief Biography-Kano Motonobu was a disciple of his father, Masanobu. Like his father, he painted in the Chinese Kanga monochrome style. However, he also painted in the Japanese Yamato-e (Japanese pictures) technique, which the Tosa School primarily painted; they were official artists of the imperial court. Yamato-e began in the Heian period, from the ninth to the twelfth centuries. Motonobu was responsible for establishing the KanĊ style, a merging of Kanga and Yamato-e styles that lasted through the Muromachi Period.


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hosokawa sumimoto
on horseback

hosokawa sumimoto on horseback

landscapes flowers
and trees

landscapes flowers and trees of the four seasons

sake rice theory
picture scroll

sake rice theory picture scroll

seven sages in the
bamboo grove

seven sages in the bamboo grove