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Juan de Flandes

c. 1467-1519 Spain/High Renaissance


Brief Biography-Juan de Flandes (His real name is unknown) was a Flemish painter who settled in Spain in 1496 and worked for Queen Isabella. He initially trained in Gent, painted in the Flemish style, and was appointed court painter in 1498 by Isabella. He stayed in Castile after Isabella died in 1504. A year later, he won patronage from the Bishop of Palencia, for whom he undertook a commission for twelve paintings in a retable in the Cathedral of Palencia, which he completed in 1518.


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herodias revenge

herodias revenge

portrait of an infanta

portrait of an infanta

saints michael
and francis

saints michael and francis

the marriage feast
at cana

the marriage feast at cana

the raising of

the raising of lazarus