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Jean Antoine Théodore Giroust

1753-1817 France/Neoclassicism


Brief Biography-Jean Antoine Théodore Giroust was born in Bussy Saint Georges, France. He entered the atelier of Joseph Marie Vien who also tutored Joseph-Benoit Suvée and Jacques-Louis David. When Vien left for Rome, Giroust studied under Nicolas Bernard Lépicié. After visiting Rome with Vien, he became a member of the Academy.
The girl playing the harp in the painting The Harp lesson is the daughter of Duc d’Orléans, future King Louis Philippe. Giroust was his aide de camp in the military until Duc d’Orléans got arrested for conspiring with counter-revolutionaries. Then, in 1793, he retired to a rural area beside Vivier; the French revolution had changed his fortunes. Giroust painted less, and in 1808 he was elected town Mayor of Serres. He last exhibited in 1802, and he died in 1817 in Vivier.


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david condemned to
death the amalekite

david condemned to death the amalekite who brings him the diadem of saul

louis philip of

louis philip of orleans duke of chartres bcame king louis philippe

oedipus at

oedipus at colonus

portrait of
a lady

portrait of a lady

shipwrecked on
the high seas

shipwrecked on the high seas

harp lesson

the harp lesson