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Franz de Paula Ferg

1689-1740 Austria/Rococo


Brief Biography-Franz de Paula Ferg, a painter of ruins and conversations, was born in Vienna in 1689. His father, a painter, trained for four years under an artist who eventually left him unsatisfied with his work. Nevertheless, his father took him under his instruction and taught him historical subjects. The prints of S├ębastien Leclerc and Jacques Callot influenced him. He subsequently studied under Hans Graff and worked under Joseph Orient, with whom he spent three years. In 1718, he served in the court of Bamberg, where he achieved considerable success with his paintings. Finally, he worked with Alexander Thiele, the renowned landscape artist, inserting staffage into his paintings in Dresden.
Franz moved to London, where people received his works well; however, he entered a troublesome marriage, which led to sizable domestic problems. He began to sell his paintings at reduced prices out of urgency, and eventually, debtors pursued him. Franz hid in various parts of London until he was found dead on the street outside his dwellings. He may have died from starvation and poor health.


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classical landscape

a classical landscape

an italianate village

an italianate village landscape


classical landscape

italianate landscape
with figures

italianate landscape with figures by classical ruins

italianate village

italianate village landscape

market day

market day

on the way to

on the way to emmaus



ruin landscape with
resting hikers

ruin landscape with resting hikers