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Johannes Anton Eismann

1604-1698 Austria/Italy-Baroque


Brief Biography-Johann Anton Eismann was born in Salzburg. He studied mathematics in Munich and painted in the Court of the Bavarian Prince-Elector. In 1650, he travelled to Rome and trained as a Battaglista, a battle painter.
The works of Tintoretto, Titian and Paolo Veronese influenced him. He collaborated with the artists Salvator Rosa, Michelangelo Cerquozzi and Giovanni Ghisolfi. He moved to Venice in 1653 and received commissions from Count Mathias van der Schulenberg and Prince Bishop Charles of Liechtenstein Catelcorno. He spent time in Verona, but it is uncertain when. His works were of battle, port scenes and landscapes, but he also did portraits.
Eismann influenced Luca Carlevarijs, who is said to be the first vedute or view painter; he, in turn, had a strong influence on the young Canaletto. The principal nobility in Venice kept Eismann employed continuously. He adopted one of his pupils Carlo Brisighella who went under the name of Charles Eismann and painted the same subjects as his master. Venice was to be his home until he died in 1698.
In Italy, he signed his paintings, Johann A Leismann or Johannes A LeĆ¼isman. However, some wrote his name as Lismann or Isman, and he can be called Jean Antoine Eismann or Giovanni Antonio Leisman. It may be because of working in different countries.


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Coastal Landscape with Ancient Ruins

portrait of
a young man

A Portrait of a Young Man

A Sea

A Sea Port


A Sea Port Detail Two


A Sea Port Detail One

Capriccio with the

Capriccio with the Church of Santa Maria della Salute

Landscape with

Landscape with Wayfarers

Oriental Port
with Merchants

Oriental Port with Merchants

Landscape with

Landscape with Travellers and Huntsmen on a Track with a Lake Beyond

Panoramic View over
the Salzach River

Panoramic View over the Salzach River to the City of Salzburg


The Battle

a mediterranean inlet
with stevedores

a mediterranean inlet with stevedores unloading barges in the foreground by Johann Anton Eismann

a river

a river landscape

a fortified city

defense a fortified city against an attacking army of horsemen


mediterranean harbour

harbour scene

mediterranean harbour scene


monumental countryside

roman ruins
at a harbour

roman ruins at a harbour

view of the city
of salzburg

view of the city of salzburg with fortifications from mirabell palace and figural scenes on the right bank of the salzach

ruins on the
palatine in rome

ruins on the palatine in rome