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Willem Drost

1633-1659 Netherlands/Baroque-Dutch-Golden Age


Brief Biography-Willem Drost was a history painter and portraitist. He was born in Amsterdam of German descent; however, it is only speculation. He was a disciple of Rembrandt, who strongly influenced his work. Several of his works attributed to Rembrandt are still in dispute. He travelled to Rome, where he became acquainted with Johann Carl Loth and other Dutch artists, including Lieve Verschuier. Loth also influenced his work, which is considered superior in quality to Rembrandt’s. He died in Rome in 1659.


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Bathsheba Holding the Letter of King David

A Man

Bust of a Man Wearing a Large Brimmed Hat

Man in Red

Man in a red Kolpak

Old Woman

Old Woman at Window of the Palais des Beaux-arts de-Lille

A Lady

Portrait of a Lady

A Man

Portrait of a Man

The Sibyl

The Sibyl


The Vision of Daniel

portrait of a
young man

portrait of a young man


self portrait

self portrait

and lois

timothy and lois