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Jacques Daret

c. 1405-c. 1468 Belgium/Northern Renaissance


Brief Biography-The Flemish painter Jacques Daret was born in Tournai. He studied alongside Rogier van der Weyden, then known as Roger de la Pasture, in the atelier of Robert Campin. The unknown artist, Master of Flémalle, is said to be Robert Campin; this hypothesis comes from the similarity between the works of the master and both Daret and Van der Weyden, who were Campin’s students. The Guild of Saint Luke admitted Daret in 1432, and he became Provost of the confraternity in the same year. He lived most of his life in his hometown but worked in Arras between 1441 and 1448, where he worked on the Saint Vaast altarpiece for the Abbot of Saint Vaast, Jean de Clercq. Four of these panels are his best-known works. In 1468, he went to Bruges, where he designed tapestry cartoons in the palace for the marriage of Charles the Bold and Margaret of York. There are no records of his work after 1468. Many paintings assumed to be by Rogier van der Weyden are now attributed to Daret.


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a donator and saint

a donator and saint augustin

of the magi

adoration of the magi

portrait of
a man

portrait of a man

altarpiece of the

altarpiece of the virgin

the nativity

the nativity