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Théodore Chassériau

1819-1856 France/Romanticism-Orientalism


Brief Biography-Théodore Chassériau was born in El Limón, Samaná, in the Dominican Republic. His family moved to Paris in 1822, where he entered the atelier of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres when he was eleven. He was a prize student of Ingres until he came under the influence of Eugène Delacroix; Ingres denounced him over it when they later met in Italy. Chassériau exhibited at the Salon in 1836 and gained a third-class medal. He mixed the classical style of Ingres with the romanticism of Delacroix’s work, also seen in the orientalist portraits he painted from his visit to North Africa in 1846. He died in Paris in 1856.


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andromeda tied
to the rock

andromeda tied to the rock by the nereids

medea about to kill
her children

medea about to kill her children


orientalist interior

self portrait

self portrait

father henri-
dominique lacordaire

reverend father henri-dominique lacordaire



the toilette
of esther

the toilette of esther