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Giuseppe Cesari

1568-1640 Italy/Mannerism


Brief Biography-Giuseppe Cesari, known as Cavaliere d’Arpino, was born in Rome in 1568. Cesari worked as a fresco painter, mainly painting religious and mythological subjects. He found considerable success with his patron Pope Clement VIII, who bestowed him with the order of the Abito di Cristo, and the Accademia di San Luca admitted him in 1585. He designed the mosaics of the dome of Saint Peter’s. Caravaggio worked in his studio for a year as a young student and became a formidable rival of Cesari. And according to Rev Pilkington, their manners were opposite to their tempers. Cesari outlived him by thirty years. Apart from churches in Rome and Naples, his works hang in the Prado and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid and other major European museums.


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christ taken

christ taken prisoner

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diana and actaeon

perseus rescuing

perseus rescuing andromeda

prospero farinaccio

prospero farinaccio