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Annibale Carracci

1560-1609 Italy/Baroque


Brief Biography-Annibale Carracci was from the town of Bologna in northern Italy. He had an older brother Agostino and an older cousin Ludovico who were painters. Of his early life, little is known, except that he worked under his cousin Ludovico alongside his brother Agostino at one stage. Their work needed to be distinguishable; they worked jointly on frescos in the town. Then, in 1582, they set up a teaching academy, the Accademia delgi Incamminati, the Academy of the Progressives. They emphasised life drawing, and two of their pupils who learned a great deal from them were Guido Reni and Domenichino.
Annibale painted altarpieces which improved his standing, and in 1595 he went to Rome to do commissions for Cardinal Odoardo Farnese in his palace, where he carried out a series of notable works. Rome was now his home for the rest of his life. Agostino helped him a little with the work in the galley of the palace, but he fell out with both Agostino and Ludovico around 1600. Agostino went to Parma, and Ludovico governed the Academy in Bologna.
The gallery ceiling was one of his most famous works, being rated alongside the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Domenichino and other former students stayed in Rome to assist Annibale with his work, and he continued with his tuition through his studio. Though poorly paid for his work in the palace, he went on to do more frescos in Rome, later highly regarded. During the last five years of his life, Annibale Carracci suffered from depression and did very little work. In 1609, he died from a fever


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polyphemus and galatea

the wrath

the wrath of polyphemus

Allegory of Truth

Allegory of Truth and Time

Dead Christ Mourned

Dead Christ Mourned

Domine Quo Vadis

Domine Quo Vadis

The Butcher's Shop

The Butcher's Shop

Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis



Choice of Hercules

The Choice of Hercules

The Bean Eater

Bean Eater

Teasing a Cat

Two Children Reasing a cat

Man's Head

Head of a Man

Flight into Egypt

The Flight into Egypt


Assumption of the Virgin


Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Christ in Glory

Christ in Glory



Wearing the Thorns

Christ Wearing the Crown of Thorns Supported by Angels

Giovanni Gabrieli

Giovanni Gabrieli with the Lute

Holy Women

Holy Women at Christ's Tomb


River Landscape

the Toilet of Venus

Landscape with the Toilet of Venus


Susanna and the Elders

Mocking of Christ

Mocking of Christ

Rest on Flight

Rest on Flight into Egypt

Sleeping Venus

Sleeping Venus

Saint Margaret

Saint Margret

Baptism of Christ

The Baptism of Christ


The Coronation of Saint Stephen

Madonna Enthroned

Madonna Enthroned with saint Mathew

Laughing Youth

The Laughing Youth


The Martyrdom of Saint Stephen

Penitent Magdalen

Penitent Magdalen in a Landscape

Samaritan Woman

Samaritan Woman at the Well

The Stoning

Stoning of Saint Stephen

The Temptation

Temptation of Saint Anthony Abbot

Virgin Appears-

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The Translation

Translation of the Holy House



Triumph of Bacchus

Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne