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Vittore Carpaccio

c1465-1525 Italy-Renaissance


Brief Biography-Vittore Carpaccio may have been born in Istria circa 1450-1455; however, he is regarded as a Venetian, as Venice is where he spent most of his life. He trained at the school of San Girolamo alongside Giovanni Bellini and was a follower of his older brother Gentile. The works of Antonello de Messina and Giovanni Bellini also influenced him.
Numerous paintings of his are still on view throughout Europe. His best-known works are The Legend of Saint Ursula series in the Academy of Venice and work in the Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, the Saint George’s School for Slavs and the Hospital for Seamen Venice.


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Cycle in the San Giorgio degli Schiavoni

Vision of St Augustin

Vision of Saint Augustin

Jerome and the Lion

Saint Jerome and the Lion

Funeral of St Jerome

Funeral of Saint Jerome

George and Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon

Triumph of St George

The Triumph of Saint George

Baptism of Selenites

The Baptism of the Selenites

Daughter of Gordian

The Daughter of Emperor Gordian is Exorcised by Saint Triphun

agony in the garden

agony in the garden

calling of matthew

the calling of matthew



Consecration of Saint Stephen

Sermon of Stephen

The Sermon of Saint Stephen


Disputation of Saint Stephen

The Stoning

The Stoning of Saint Stephen



Saint Vitalis

Glory of Saint Vitalis


Martyrdom of Ten Thousand

Young Knight

Young Knight in a Landscape

Dream of St Ursula

Dream of St Ursula

The Flight into Egypt

The Flight into Egypt

On the Lagoon

Hunting on the Lagoon


Healing of the Madman

Lamentation of Christ

Lamentation of Christ


Madonna with Joseph Anna Elizabeth and Zacharia Cannes


Meditation on the Passion

Pilgrims in koln

The Arrival of the Pilgrims in koln

The Birth of Mary

The Birth of Mary

Mary with Jesus

Mary with Jesus and John



with Apostles

Christ with apostles

Holy Family

Holy Family with Two Donors

The Virgin Reading

The Virgin Reading

Venetian Ladies

Two Venetian Ladies


Venetian Nobleman

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

Young Woman

 Young Woman

A Woman

Portrait of a Woman

Red Beret

Man with Red Beret

the lamentation

the lamentation with the madonna and saints joseph of arimathea and john the evangelist