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Pedro de Campaña

1503-1580 Spain-Flemish/High Renaissance


Brief Biography-Pedro de Campaña, or Pieter de Kempeneer, was born in Brussels. He spent his youth in Italy as a disciple of Raphael under the patronage of Cardinal Grimani before moving to Seville, where he settled. He co-founded the school that became the Seville School of Painting, where Luis de Morales was a student. Many of his works are in the churches of that city. The cathedral has the most images, which includes the Altarpiece of the Purification. His Descent from the Cross resembles Albrecht Dürer's work, and Murillo greatly admired his paintings. Campaña spent the last years of his life working in a tapestry in Brussels.


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altarpiece of the

altarpiece of the purification