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Ferdinand de Braekeleer, the Elder

1792-1883 Belgium/Historical painter


Brief Biography-Ferdinand de Braekeleer, the Elder, was a historical painter from Antwerp. When his parents died, he went to the art school for orphans in Antwerp, where he studied under Mathieu Ignace van Brée. From there, he went to the Academy of Fine Arts. He succeeded in Paris with his paintings and afterwards in Antwerp; he won a scholarship to study in Italy, where he studied for two years.
When he returned to Antwerp, he had considerable success with historical paintings and tutored upcoming artists such as Jan August Hendrik Leys. His sons Ferdinand, Henri and nephew Adriaan also became successful artists.


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hasselaer during the
siege of haarlem

hasselaer during the siege of haarlem

the quarrel

after the quarrel

an offer
of marriage

an offer of marriage

chess players
in an inn

chess players in an inn

heile welt

heile welt by Ferdinand de Braekeleer the Elder

in front of the

in front of the tavern wine love and music

the bat

the bat

the chickens

the chickens murder