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John Quincy Adams

1873-1933 Austria/Portraitist


Brief Biography-John Quincy Adams, a relative of John Quincy Adams, the President of the United States, was from Austria. In his early youth, he lived in America, and from 1891 he studied in Vienna, Munich, and Paris. James McNeil Whistler later inspired him. He received various awards in Austria and Germany up to 1907. A lot of his success was in the United States. He died in Vienna in 1933.


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ernst wertheim
at an operation

ernst wertheim at an operation

george caleb

george caleb bingham

J Q Adams
by g healy

John Quincy Adams by george p a healy

girl with flower

girl with flower branch

henry augustus

henry augustus loop

johannes II
van liechtenstein

 johannes two van liechtenstein


luise eisner

portrait of
a lady

portrait of a lady

portrait of
a young lady

portrait of a young lady

countess katalin
mihaly karolyi

portrait of countess katalin mihaly karolyi

mr stuart

portrait of mr stuart spaulding

charles francis

charles francis adams son of john quincy adams